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Accurate assembly of repitive regions such telomeres and sub-telomeric regions remains a challenge.

We invite the community to use the Illumina libraries we have sequenced as well as additional sanger libraries

we have gathered from the literature to obtain complete, contiguous error free assemblies of these regions.

Cliften et al ., 2003 (Science)

Kellis et al ., 2003 (Nature)

Species WashU Raw WashU Clean MIT Raw MIT Clean
S. bayanus var. uvarum (CBS 7001) tgz, bp gz, 15.1Kb tgz, bp gz, bp
S. kudriavzevii (IFO 1802 T ) tgz, bp gz, 17.5Kb NoData NoData
S. mikatae (IFO 1815 T ) tgz, bp gz, 9.4Kb tgz, bp gz, bp